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Welcome to IEEE Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in xR (PERCxR)

Informing the design of xR systems

Welcome to the online home of the IEEE Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in xR (PERCxR). The  PERCxR (formerly PERCAR) workshop will be held once again as part of IEEE ISMAR 2023 in October 2023. (ISMAR will be a hybrid symposium this year, and PERCxR will be hybrid as well.)

PERCxR Overview

Informing the design of xR systems

The IEEE ISMAR 2023 Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in xR (PERCxR) is the eighth installment of the previous successful PERCAR workshops held at the IEEE VR conferences 2015-2020, and the PERCxR workshops held at IEEE ISMAR 2021-2022 and IEEE VR 2022. This year, we are joining forces with the Workshop for Enhancing User Comfort, Health and Safety in VR and AR. As a result, we will be accepting papers related to human perception, cognition, comfort, health, and safety for xR systems. 

The crux of this workshop is the creation of a better understanding of the various perceptual and cognitive issues that inform and constrain the design of effective augmented reality systems. There is neither an in-depth overview of these factors, nor well-founded knowledge on most effects as gained through formal validation. In particular, long-term usage effects are inadequately understood. However, mobile platforms and emerging head-worn display hardware (“glasses”) ignite the number of users, as well as the system usage duration. To fulfill usability needs, a thorough understanding of perceptual and intertwined cognitive factors is highly needed by both research and industry: issues such as depth misinterpretation, object relationship mismatches and information overload can severely limit usability of AR applications, or even pose risks on its usage. Based on the gained knowledge, for example new interactive visualization and view management techniques can be iteratively defined, developed and validated, optimized to be congruent with human capabilities and limitations en route to more usable AR application interfaces.

IEEE VR Workshop on Perceptual and Cognitive Issues in xR (PERCxR) @ IEEE ISMAR 2023

Location: HYBRID
Date: 16 October 2023

Time: All Day Workshop

Held as part of IEEE ISMAR 2023; to participate you must register for the conference*:

This year, we introduce the first Joint Workshop on Perception, Cognition, Comfort, and User Safety (PCCU), a partnership between the PERCxR organizing team and the Workshop on Enhancing User Comfort, Health and Safety in VR & AR.

*To participate in the workshop, a single day registration for 16 October is sufficient.

Joint PCCU workshop

Welcome to PCCU!

Rapid fire research talks

Speaker is underlined & bolded

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

9:00 AM

9:10 AM

Full Day Workshop

Greetings from the organizers

Title: Approximated Match Swiping: Exploring more Ergonomic Gaze-based Text Input for XR
Authors: Adam Mansour and Jason Orlosky

Link to Video

9:30 AM

TitleDoes Teleporting Length Affect Spatial Awareness?

AuthorsQinchen Yao, Yu Zhao, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Jeanine K. Stefanucci,  Bobby Bodenheimer

9:50 AM

TitleEvaluating Threat Cues for the Enhancement of Safety in Virtual Reality

Authors: Ashley M. Buzard, Jordan A. Davidson, Emily E. Tighe, Yu Zhao, Bobby Bodenheimer, Sarah H. Creem-Regehr, Jeanine K. Stefanucci

10:10 AM

TitleComparing Perceptual Thresholds of Size Perception under Different Distances in Augmented Reality

Authors: Liwen Wang, Shaoyu Cai


10:30 AM

Rapid fire research talks

Speaker is underlined & bolded

11:00 AM

Title: Minimizing Attention Costs of Visual OHMD Notifications
Authors: Nuwan Janaka

11:20 AM

Title: Virtual Reality Training for Desensitization to Motion Sickness
Authors: Nastaran Arfaei



Keynote Speaker

11:40 AM

Interactive Session

12:30 PM

2:00 PM

Dr. Stephen Palmisano 

Title: Your (VR) research makes me sick!

Link to Website





3:00 PM

Interactive Session

3:30 PM

4:00 PM

5:00 PM

Interactive Session

Closing remarks from the organizers

PERCxR Organizing Team

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